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GTI Orbit knob istallation guide

Product Description

Orbit installation for Golf V

1. Pull up the shift boot with the factory plastic shift plate. FIG.1
2. Pull out the factory knob. (require some strength)
3. Place the new suede boot stopper on the factory shift rod with the Orbit knob's wire thread through the suede boot and the stopper. FIG.2
4. Unscrew the 2 screws on each corner of the ashtray frame. FIG.1
Now look for the power and the ground wires from the 12V cigarette lighter and clip the Orbit wires onto the 2 wires (Brown - and Gray +). FIG.3
5. Place the Orbit knob on the shift rod and tighten up the Orbit knob with those 3 screws on the Orbit knob.
6. Adjust the high level of the boot stopper and tighten it up on the rod. FIG.2
7. Snap the suede boot onto the factory plastic shift plate.
8. Snap the factory plastic shift plate back to its place. FIG.4