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Neuspeed HI-FLO Air Charge Pipe - Eliminates OE Sound Amplifer

Item# NSP-480266
Price: $189.99
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Product Description
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NEUSPEED Part #: 48.02.66

NEUSPEED's new Hi-Flo Air Charge Conversion replaces the OE smashed and kinked plastic pipe located between the factory intercooler and throttle body.

Full diameter all the way through and without any unnecessary bends, the Hi-Flo air Charge Pipe is a must for any "chipped"or highly modified 2.0T engine. The Intercooler Pipe delivers much better air flow for greater efficiency.

Along with NEUSPEED's Hi-Flo Turbo Discharge Conversion Kit, this part removes the last restriction on the discharge side of the turbo charger plumbing.

Simple bolt-on part with no modifications to the vehicle.


Fits all transverse 2006 -08.5 2.0T FSI engines (BPY).

Eliminates OE sound amplifier (if equipped).

Black wrinkle powder coat finish.

Actual part shown in photo.

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