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Neuspeed HI-FLO Turbo Discharge Conversion - TSI

Item# NSP-480271
Price: $259.99
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Product Description
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Neuspeed Part # 48.02.71

The NEUSPEED Hi-Flow Turbo Discharge Conversion kit includes all the parts needed to remove serious restriction from the discharge side of the turbocharger. First, a newly machined billet aluminum discharge adapter reduces restriction. Attention to detail is NEUSPEED's forte, so take notice of the machined lip on the mounting flange that ensures leak free performance. Secondly, a new silicone hose is included to mate our new discharge adapter to the next and most important item in the kit, our newly manufactured 57mm discharge pipe. Consequently, all restrictions are removed with the kit's full diameter flow. All these benefits are attained with no modifications to the vehicle - this is a simple bolt-on part.

With this kit installed, you can expect better response with less turbo lag and more horsepower.


Fits all transverse 2008.5-10 2.0 TSI engines (CCTA / CBFA).

Black wrinkle powder coat finish.

Actual part shown in photo.

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