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Nuespeed Turbo Air Intake Pipe, 99-00 Non Variable CAM Timing Engines & K04/Super K04

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Designed as a direct replacement for your factory steel pipe that leads air into the turbocharger. NEUSPEED's high flow design flows almost 63% more air than the factory inlet pipe. When combined with a free-flow exhaust system, the NEUSPEED inlet pipe can add up to 5hp to your engine. NEUSPEED's inlet pipe is an O.E. quality aluminum casting that retains all the stock mounting provisions -- not a crude cut-an-weld piece like some of our competitors.

On a flow bench, the restrictive factory inlet pipe flows 215cfm at 39"of water. The NEUSPEED tiptronic turbo inlet pipe flows 350.4cfm at 39"of water.


Fits all transmission types. For use on:

1999-2000 non-variable cam timing engine with factory K03 or K04/SuperK04 turbos.

2001-up variable cam timing engine with K04 or SuperK04 turbo only.

Actual part shown in photo.