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Oettinger Rear Skirt

Item# OE80430200
Price: $729.99
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Product Description
Oettingerˇ¦s VW Golf V tuning program features a rear skirt with dual exhaust outlets.Oettingerˇ¦s rear skirt is manufactured with unsurpassed German quality exclusively of GFK materials and processes. Having achieved TUV approval, you can rest assured your Oettinger Rear Skirt will last the rigors of daily driving and absorb low speed impacts without chipping or cracking as can occur with lower quality fiberglass and other inferior materials and manufacturing processes. Oettingerˇ¦s commitment to improvement upon OEM design with no loss of fitment quality or overall durability provides individual character for your VW GTI MK5 with no compromise.

Refined Appearance

Made in Germany

TUV Approved

GFK Quality, Fitment and Durability

No pre-paint preparation or reworking required

Installation maintains OEM mounting points requiring no fabrication

Suitable for Golf (Rabbit) and GTI, not for use on R32

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