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Orbit knob installation for A3 & S3

Product Description
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Orbit Instillation for 98-2004 Audi S3

Special thanks to Anthony Varughese

1. Lift plastic trim from gear lever with small flat blade screwdriver. (Be careful no to use excessive force as you will break trim clips.Fig.A
2. Lift leather gaiter back over the gear knob exposing the stalk and underside of the OEM gear knob.
3. There is a OEM Audi Clip that needs to be removed in order to remove the clip (use Side cutters carefully to not damage existing gaiter.
4. Once clip is removed, twist and pull on OEM knob until the whole assembly is removed and only the bare stalk is remaining.
5. BE CAREFUL not to engage any gears or put excessive stress on the gearbox
6. Remove gear assembly from car
7. You will now have the OEM leather gear knob and beneath it a beige plastic shaft with ridges on.
8. In order to fit the OSIR knob, you EITHER need to sever (cut) this plastic shaft from the knob or purchase an brand new knob and cut that. This sleeve is a component of the actual knob and is not sold separately.Fig.
9. Thread the OSIR wires through the sleeve - it may be necessary to cut the plastic shaft along the length of the plastic tube in order to pass the wires through freely.Fig.
10.Then thread the wires through the gaiter and plastic trim (removed from vehicle)Fig.
11. Reassemble part using 12-14mm Jubilee clip to secure plastic shaft to existing gear shaft. It is NOT possible to use the OEM clip without the Audi Specialist tool to crimp.
12. Make sure the clip is as far up into the leather gaiter as possible to retain original shape
13. Refit plastic trim and the gear knob should be adjusted to suit user - use grub screws and allen key provided to secure knob to shaft in correct orientation
14. Ensure wires are tucked in and not obstructing gear movement.

1. Remove the plastic spring (locate at the bottom of the shift rod), and cut a gap on the plastic spring Fig.8

2. Thread the wires of the Orbit knob through the shift rod

3. Place the plastic spring back on-to the shift rod Fig.9

4. Route the wire through the shift lever trim housing to the center tray area, and go all the way to the back of the footwell Fig.5 Fig.6

5. Use supplied wire clips to clip the wires onto the socket of the ashtray Fig.7