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Osir Design Zero Square V2

Price: $24.99


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Product Description
Zero Square V2

"In Stock"

Package contains 2 pieces of Zero Square V2 cover & 1 piece of button.

if the key's LED located at the middle below the gap of the key, you need to buy the Zero Square V2.

Zero Square V2 cover is made out of alloy, and a button is made out of hard rubber.

Zero Square V2 is easy to install(installation time about 1minute). Click here to installation steps.

Zero Square V2 will fit on to any Audi 3 buttons and 2 buttons keyless entry remote.

Zero Square V2 can help stop accidental presses of the remote buttons in your pocket.

Zero Square V2 will fit any Audi & VW 3 buttons square shape keyless entry remote.(except the VW Touareg)

All comes with detail installation direction.

Perfect Match with MUZZERO SQUARE, MUZZERO SQUARE sold separately.

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